Benefits of a Custom Built PC

Reliable custom built pcs, quality hardware, awesome prices…

E-tec Computer Services use their knowledge of computing to bring the customer a high quality product, at a lower price than leading competitors.

We design and build your system to your exact specification, giving you full control over what goes into your system, thus making it your perfect pc.

benefits of a custom built pc  

Computer manufacturers such as Acer, Dell, HP, etc, have come a long way in providing consumers with a number of options for building custom computer systems. Whilst these computers may be adequate for the typical user, you might want a system that can be used for years, after purchase. This being the case, you should definitely consider a custom built computer.

Most manufacturers use proprietary hardware within their pcs, which can make it extremely difficult to perform upgrades to your system; the various components become obsolete or are not compatible, for example CPUs, RAM, sound and video adapters. Whilst some of these components are upgradable, after the initial purchase, it is often the case that your upgrade options are very limited.

A custom built computer allows you the most flexibility. Taking into consideration the quality of the components used in a custom built system, the cost is often less than buying a pre-built system of the same specifications.

Another advantage of a custom built pc is that you are able to start with a very basic system using a low end CPU, perhaps combined with a mid-range system board and minimal memory. You could also start with a system board that has on-board sound and video. Eventually, you may decide to add or upgrade to better components.

A custom built computer would probably last you a few years before it ‘feels outdated’. At this time, instead of buying a whole new computer you would only need to, at most, swap a few components to make it ‘feel up-to-date’ again.

Why Buy From Us?

We consider our services to be amongst the most inexpensive in the UK. Not only do we offer incredible prices, but all of our top quality hardware is sourced from reliable and well known suppliers.

We DO NOT use cheap components in order to cut down on costs.

Our systems are built using the best quality hardware together with reliable and high performance components.