Benefits of a Custom Built PC

Reliable custom built pcs, quality hardware, awesome prices…

E-tec Computer Services use their knowledge of computing to bring the customer a high quality product, at a lower price than leading competitors.

We design and build your system to your exact specification, giving you full control over what goes into your system, thus making it your perfect pc.

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Solid State Drive Upgrade

Solid-state hard drive (SSD)

Installing RAM (random access memory) has always been known as an easy way to boost your system’s performance.

SSDs (solid state drives) on the other hand, are now much more affordable and a laptop upgrade and computer upgrade of your hard drive to an SSD drive has become an even easier way to maximise your computer’s performance.

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PC Repair Stalybridge

At E-tec Computer Services we believe in offering a high standard of customer support. Our computer and laptop repair service is competitively priced and we guarantee a fast turnaround time, but this does not mean that we allow price considerations to affect the quality of our repair work. Whether you have software or hardware problems, want to upgrade your computer or laptop, need to recover lost data, e-tec computer services are here to help you.

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