The importance of data in today’s society is more important than ever. We all have several devices that use data and store personal information about us. Data can be in the form of documents, contacts, photos, invoices, music, movies and emails. We only realise how important this data is when something happens and it’s too late to recover it.

There are a number of ways that data can be lost or corrupted unexpectedly:

  • Computer crash
  • Virus infection
  • Hard drive failure
  • Physical damage
  • Theft

E-tec Computer Services offers several data services and solutions to keep your data safe for when you need it the most if any of the above happen to you.

Data Backup

Having duplicate copies of your important data is the best solution to be able to restore your information incase the worst happens.

The best solutions for data backup is to either use local backup or cloud backup.

Local Backup

Local backups involve an external hard drive which you can download your most important data to or do a full backup using your computer’s backup facility.

Once you’ve backed up your data you can keep it in a safe location knowing that it can be accessed when needed.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is an alternative to local backup. Instead of having a physical hard drive you will backup your data using a cloud backup service. This is ideal because you can access your data from anywhere at any time.

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Data Security

With the increase in businesses operating online and consumers shopping online there has been a rise in cyber theft. Data security is a hot topic for IT managers and the general public are more aware of the threats of hacking.

To stop unauthorised access to your data you can opt for software based security or hardware based security.

Software Based Security

Software based security is the most common as it can be easily implemented to protect all your devices within an organisation or home.

Software based security runs off a database which is constantly updated with the latest information of threats, keeping your data safe. There are also additional features such as spam filters, secure keyboards and browsers, as well as being cost effective.

Hardware Based Security

Hardware based security uses a device’s onboard security to perform encryption and decryption. This type of security is self-contained and does not require any additional software therefore it can be kept free from possible infection and vulnerability.

A hardware based solution is recommended when protecting sensitive data on laptops and devices, especially for large organisations. This solution offers a stronger defence against cyber attacks but is not as cost effective as the software based solution.

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Data Recovery

If you’re not regularly backing up your data and you suffer a hard drive failure or delete a file by accident, you can use our data recovery service. Where possible we will recover your data from a hard drive, SSD, USB drive and SD cards.

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Data Erasure

Data erasure is a software based method of overwriting data that completely destroys all the data on the hard drive. Permanent erasure goes beyond the basic file deletion that you can do on your computer. Once the data is erased it cannot be recovered and the hard drive can be used again with new data.

This service is ideal for ensuring that sensitive data is destroyed after a results of a hard drive failure or if you are wanting to sell your computer.

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