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Operating System Upgrade and Check

We can upgrade your PC or Laptop to Windows 7 or 8 so that you’re getting the latest and greatest features to work with.

A few great benefits

  • New operating system installed
  • User accounts set up
  • Security settings configured
  • New features

If your PC or Laptop is a few years old the chances are that you’ll be running an older version of the operating system. This means that you could be missing out on some of the latest support for new technology and software.

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Solid State Drive Upgrade

Solid-state hard drive (SSD)

Installing RAM (random access memory) has always been known as an easy way to boost your system’s performance.

SSDs (solid state drives) on the other hand, are now much more affordable and a laptop upgrade and computer upgrade of your hard drive to an SSD drive has become an even easier way to maximise your computer’s performance.

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