When you first bought your new computer it was be running at peak capacity, starting up fast, opening and closing programmes quickly and a joy to use. Over time your computer can start to slow down, become unresponsive and reliable.

The operating system can get clogged as programmes are added and incompletely deleted, leaving behind hidden files and drivers. This causes a large cache to build up behind the scenes and outdated drivers and plugins will cease to work. This can become very frustrating if you are using your computer on a regular basis or just need to quickly to a simple task.

A computer tune-up service can be used to get your computer running like new. There are plenty of tune-up programmes advertised on the internet but these can lead to more problems as they can be loaded with malware or add more files whilst it is cleaning your system.

E-tec Computer Services can provide a complete computer tune-up service to restore your computer to its former glory.

  • Operating system up-to-date
  • Drivers up-to-date
  • System clean up
  • Hard drive check

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