With the introduction of broadband and ever increasing speeds, it’s essential that you have a good reliable network to cope with your demands. Whether you’re working in an office, working from home or just general day-to-day family use, it’s important to have the correct network setup for your needs.

E-tec Computer Services can setup a network in your office or home so you don’t have to worry about getting all your computers and devices online and talking to each other.

We can provide the following network services:

  • Router setup
  • Router upgrade
  • Network setup
  • Network and cabling services
  • Wireless services

Router Setup

When you buy a new router, it is can sometimes be an issue to get it up and running as quickly as possible. Not only do you have to get your computer and devices connected to the router you need to ensure that you’re using the correct security settings to protect your home from unwanted access.

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Router Upgrade

Is your router struggling with the demand of your usage? If you’re constantly losing signal, experiencing buffering when streaming video or have to wait for web page to load it might be time to upgrade your router.

Upgrading to a dual-band router or 802.11ac protocol router can increase your network performance due to higher throughput speeds and operating on less crowded frequencies.

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Network Setup

A home or office computer network is a great way to work efficiently. You can link multiple computers, printers, NAS drives and data backup drives with ease. We can create a network in your home or office so that you can take advantage of modern networking features and improve your workflow.

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Network and Cabling Services

If you require a new network to be installed at your office or you’re relocating your business, it’s essential to get you connected as soon as possible. We can install your complete data network within your office and also install additional data points, making your office or site fully connected.

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Wireless Services

Boost your wireless capabilities with your own wireless service using our Unified Wireless Access Point service. Using the latest technology, you can provide a wireless network onsite, at events or small communities.

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