Custom Built Computer

The typical user of a retail pc would be less likely to trust a custom built computer than their system. However, this logic is faulty. While there is chance that something may go wrong with a custom built system, the chances are very slim. The cheap cooling systems and weak power supplies found in retail units is just one of the reasons why custom built pcs are becoming more popular with each passing month.

For comparison, a well known brand retail pc runs with a 300watt power supply and one case fan in the back. The Quad Core processor in the system runs idle at 58°C. Put a load on this CPU for more than a few minutes and the temps increase to over 70°C. If you aren’t familiar with these numbers, then I will tell you that this is simply awful. It’s probably the reason why one could heat their entire bedroom in the winter just by turning on this system.

Compare this to a custom built pc with 3 case fans, not including the heatsink and fan for the Quad Core processor that it includes. This CPU runs idles at about 35°C. Much improved. In fact, over 20°C improved. So much for the “quality” components that are sold at retail.