A Word From Standby Productions

e-tec computer services safeguards precious video assets for Standby Productions

Company: Standby Productions

Location: 24 School Lane, Didsbury, M20 6RG

Industry: Video Production Manchester

Official Website:


“As a Video Production company we deal with large files all day every day that eat hard drives like there’s no tomorrow, so we set e-tec computer services quite a challenge by asking them to fit a system that not only stored such large files but also streamed them and backed them up quickly and effectively. We also needed the files to be available to more than one machine, again at high speed, so that there was no ‘stuttering’ when playing any High Definition footage.”


“E-tec Computer Services provided a NAS Server with 12 terabyte of storage, networked all our Macs together so that now any Editor that enters the studio can log in and access all the rushes and associated project files instantly and begin cutting. e-tec computer services did this quickly and efficiently. I am really impressed with the way it has all come together, providing what looks like the perfect system.”

Simon Owen – Standby Productions